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RHINO Hide Series

Beautiful high-gloss Pebble surface of non-porous vinyl. Full 1/8” thick top surface
provides resistance to puncture from heels, cart traffic, tears, cuts and is over three
times more abrasion resistant than competing products. Rhino Hide anti-fatigue mats
are available in two styles.

The single sponge style is 1/2” thick and the double sponge is a full 7/8” thick, double
the thickness of ordinary mats. Double sponge mats by Rhino are the anti-fatigue
mats of choice, producing the incredibly soft and resilient rebound properties
needed by salon professionals. Rhino commitment to
the salon professional is a five-year guarantee.

Serengeti Sunrise Kenya Trail Nigerian Night
Serengeti Sunrise Kenya Trail Nigerian Night
  Nile Mist  Congo Green Sahara Sand  
 Nile Mist  Congo Green Sahara Sand   


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